Our Mission

  • Promotion of European identity and values
  • Development of a professional network of former EU experts
  • Information on EU issues
  • Assistance to public administrations and private organisations
  • Organisation of trainings, seminars and cultural events
  • Career counselling

European Union Experts is an association of former staff of the European Commission and other Institutions of the European Union.

All the former staff (temporary and permanent officials) is eligible to be EUE’s member.

EUE aims to give a contribute for an European Union that safeguards at the same time tradition and health, memory and innovation, promoting equal education, labour rights, taxation, justice and economic development in all the EU Members States.

Our purpose is to assist national and local public and private institutions/organisations to improve the absorption of European funds through the use of benchmarks and the exchange of good practices.

Efficiency, sustainability, transparency are essential features for the European Public Administrations to implement the EU policy principles in order to guarantee good governance, thus ensuring welfare, justice, partnership and the necessary quality of services to meet the European citizens’ needs and expectations.

Although we are living years rich of scepticism in regards of the European Union project, and despite important and due changes in the EU legislation are still not in the EU agenda, is exactly now the moment to re-affirm what Mr Jacques Delors stated: ‘ne pas avoir peur, nous le ferons’.


  • Rompan – my village, my business

  • AT to the Italy-Pakistan Swap Debt Agreement Programme

  • Exchange of good practices on EAFRD

  • EDF – TA to National Authorising Officer

  • Twinning project on the Egyptian research system in agriculture

  • PCM Course – Master in Governance, University of Pisa

  • Taiex Mission Event 33768

  • TA on Turkish accreditation process for IPARD

  • European citizens working for the global development agenda

  • Harmonization of acquis in the field of science & research

  • Business Support Programme Balkan area