B) Training activities

EUE organizes training initiatives on: 1) Innovation, 2) Agriculture, 3) International Cooperation, 4) Sport, Tourism and Recreational activities

1. Innovation

Our objective is to help in removing obstacles to innovation and to assist the change of collaboration between public and private sectors through innovation-based partnerships between European institutions, national and regional authorities and SMEs. The European Partnerships we are currently interested in are:

  • The European Innovation Partnership, Agriculture, (ERIAFF network, operational groups);
  • The European Partnership on Smart Cities and Community Innovation;
  • The Partnership for Active and Healthy Aging.

2. Agriculture “New C.A.P. 2014-2020″

  • Strengths and weaknesses of the Italian System (Tuscany, Umbria, Marche and Lazio) on the implementation of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP);
  • Outcomes of past and current programs with the identification of current criticalities;
  • Agriculture and Innovation EIP-AGRI;
  • Agriculture and Immigrants (GAMM).

3. International Cooperation (bids & tenders, Europeaid calls, etc)and Migration Management:

  • Donors’ and UN’s policies and action relating to the causes of migration;
  • Global approach to migration and GAMM mobility, COSME and Cooperation framework with countries of origin;
  • Analysis of these policies.
4. Sport, Tourism and Recreational activities
  • Assistance in the organisation of sport, health and leisure tourism activities
  • Training of athletes, coaches and tour leaders and monitors
  • Tutoring for students in dual caree
  • Business Training and product development.