If you are an expert, who is working in the development sector and in search for a new project opportunity, you are in the right place!

Our broadcast tool is what you need to raise the visibility of your profile to a broad number of recruiters from the best consultancy companies to institutions and NGOs.

European Union Experts offers excellent recruitment services to donors, NGOs and consultancy companies.

The candidates can rely on our high-level expertise and a wide network of reputable clients, which have allowed us to place already many other job-hunters like you.

We work to establish a solid and durable relationship with our clients, and in doing this, we guarantee an efficient recruitment process for experts.

Our placement database gathers both active and passive candidates, which means a large number of experts; thus, we are able to answer to the different needs of donors, NGOs and consultancy companies in the most efficient way.

CV broadcast is a one-time service, which creates new opportunities by ensuring the sector’s main operators can have access to your CV(s) and are aware of your availability. Recruiters can then contact you directly with any openings or save your information in their databases for future necessities.

Discounted Price for regular users – € 100 for year (annual fee).


  • Make acquainted yourself to thousands of local and international recruiters;
  • Increase the visibility of your CV for international tenders;
  • CV Tailoring & Promotion (in English);
  • Receive all European Union Experts newsletters for 1 year;
  • Gain direct benefits by EUE’s expertise and network in Brussels, with a high-quality service;
  • Have all the technical information on tenders you are interested in and all the relevant information on targeted openings;
  • Obtain all the information on tenders related to EPSO tests;
  • A “First step” consultancy on EU Funds;
  • It only takes a few minutes: save your time for applications!

How to order our CV Broadcast and Tailoring Service?

Send a formal request to info@euexperts.eu, including:

  • A copy of your CV and/or Cover Letter;
  • ToRs and/or a description of the position you are interested in;
  • A clear request of what you need and what you are looking for;
  • Your complete and updated contact details.